Whoops, false start.
NEW Tournament starts November 8th at the Gallery!
Call Hartless (554-2674) or Tim (845-1538) for address.

Come bitch to your heart's content on our Facebook page.

Tournament Rules:
12-week tournament, you must play 6 weeks to qualify.
$45 buy-in, $35 goes to the pot. Free drinks.
Top 3 players get paid out every week - 70% payout.
HIGH point scoring system. Players earn points based on how well they finish plus an extra ½ point for knocking out a player, and 1½ points for a bounty kill.
Final score will be the sum of all finishes.
Top 9 make the final table - starting chips proportionate to ranking.
Bounties, donkeys, splash pots, kill tracker... Fun!
All Ties will be resolved by individual playoffs.
Bring it.

Spring 2010 Tournament Statistics can be found here.
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